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Free Agents

-What is a free agent?

A free agent is simply an individual who joins the league without a team. We form a team for you and place you on it. You are guaranteed a spot on the team and in the league, you just have to reserve your spot with payment to be placed.

-Can I get my friend on my team?

Absolutely! If you have already signed up, have your friend register as a free agent and request to be placed with you. There is a place during registration to request a friend. Missed it? E-mail the Comeback team and we will make sure to place you together.

-I have a small group of friends, should we form a team? Can we be placed together?

That depends on how many players you have! If you have 3-5 players for most leagues, it’s cheaper to register as individuals and request to play together. You can be placed onto the same team if you sign up as individuals, the more time before a league starts the easier that is. If you feel you can rally a team, let the Comeback Team know your situation and we can monitor the team’s progress as the league approaches. Unsure, just ask us, we have the experience to gauge where the team is at and make a suggestion!

-How does individual payment work?

Once you register and make your payment, your spot is reserved and we will place you on a team. You are not reserved on a team until your payment is made in full. Payment is due at the time of registration for individuals. Teams can fill quickly and your unpaid spot could be taken by a paid player.

-What are my options for payment?

You can pay online, over the phone, or stop by our office with cash or check.

-When and how do I find out what team I’m on?

You will receive an e-mail notification when you are placed on the team. We send out team rosters with contact information, schedules, location information and other important details about 1-2 weeks prior to the start date. You can also communicate on the message board for your team once you are placed.

-Am I guaranteed a spot?

We form your team for you; you just sign up and show up!The Comeback Team prides itself in putting together awesome teams formed with individual signups. We take into account your desired skill level and the coed nature of our leagues to put together sweet teams! We have never had to turn away an individual signup and have always been able to find a spot for Free Agent Signups on a team! Due to the large influx of Free Agent Signups we are able to put together full Free AgentTeams!

-I don’t see enough players on my team; do we have enough to play?

We form free agent teams for all 10 of our sports! Often times multiple teams per league! If you see missing players, please know we are forming the team behind the scenes. We often work with players in our league and outside of it, which may not show on the roster until one week prior to the start date.

-How often are the games played? What times?

Games are once a week typically, some seasons include double-headers for certain sports. General start times are posted online under your league. The entire league schedule is posted after game one, so you will know your exact game times for the season.

-How do team shirts work for individual sign ups?

Enter your shirt size when you register and your team shirt is provided at your first game!

Individual Cancellations During the Season

Any individual that cancels their participation in a Comeback league after playing in a league game will not be refunded their individual fee. The individual may have their registration applied to a future league at our discretion, but no refund will be given.


-Is there a deadline to register for a league?

All Comeback Leagues are first come, first serve. Most of our sports will feature a live league availability counter that shows you how many team spots are still available. We suggest that you get registered as soon as humanly possible to get your preferred playing time and not miss out on the action. Leagues will fill up very quickly during our more popular Spring and Fall Seasons!

-Are rosters required? How do I complete my roster?

Online rosters are required. You need your player’s first name, last name and e-mail address to invite them to join the roster. Collect the needed information and you will be prompted when registering the team to fill one out. If you did not complete the roster during registration, just log back into your account with your username and password. Click on your team name, and then select the “add player” button. Enter everyone’s name and email address; they then receive an invitation to join the team.

Note: Rosters are important for managing your team and your team’s payments.  They allow your players to input their shirt sizes, accept waivers, receive game day reminders and allows you and us to contact the team for any last-minute changes on rainouts, scheduling, etc.

-Do I have to pay the team fee? What’s the team deposit?

Team payments can be handled two ways, you pay in full or you split the team fee among your players. As team captain, you may either make the $50.00 deposit or pay your portion after splitting the team fee, which will temporarily hold your team’s spot in the league. The $50.00 deposit does count towards the team fee. Your team is not reserved on the schedule until full payment is made. Full payment is due one week prior to the start date to get on the schedule. You must make the deposit with a credit or debit card. The remaining balance can be paid with cash or check or card.

-How do individual invoices work?

You can choose to split the invoices among your team and they have until one week prior to game one to pay their individual invoice online or over the phone.  We will send reminders to your players as the deadline approaches about payment, with direct links to the online system. Note: When splitting the team fee among your players, do your best to add the correct number of players. The team fee will be split equally by the number of players selected for your team. If you are unsure how many players will confirm, we recommend splitting your team fee by less players than expected. This way you will easily cover the team fee. We can always partially refund players if you end up exceeding the team fee by having more players join the team than expected.

-What options do we have for payment?

If you are paying Comeback directly, you can pay online, over the phone, with a single check written out to Comeback Sports or with cash in the office. No cash is accepted at the fields or courts.

-When are team fees due and who is responsible?

Team fees are due one week before your first scheduled game. The due date is right on the registration for your sport and we’ll send many reminders to the team and keep the team captain updated, too. Ultimately the team captain is responsible for any unpaid team balance.

-Team cancellations during the season

Any team that plays a league game will be responsible for the balance of the league fee. No refund will be given. Team cancellations hurt the league and the other teams in it immensely. We will work with your team to apply your team registration to a future league, but cancellation will not render a refund.

-Team cancellations and refunds before the season

A team that has confirmed their spot in our league may cancel their participation for a full refund as long as they notify the Comeback Team at least 7 business days prior to the start of their league. If a team cancels less than 7 business days prior to the start their league, the Captain will forego the $50 deposit. If a team fails to attend the first game of the season without giving prior notice this is viewed as a cancellation and that team is subject to a $100 cancellation fee. Full Refund: Less (5%) credit card processing fee.

-How many shirts do we get? 

Comeback will provide team shirts for up to the roster limit. We do not provide shirts for certain sports, so check the details online.

-We are a returning team in the league; do we still get team shirts?

Great Question! We provide team shirts for our social sports like softball, kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, golf and bar Olympics. To keep registration fees low Comeback does not provide team shirts for Soccer, Basketball, or Flag Football.

-What’s an easy way to save on the team fee?

Choose to put down your $50.00 team deposit and pay the rest with a single check or cash at the office to take off the processing fee online. You can choose to waive your shirts for some leagues to save an additional amount. Number of players also affects how much each person pays, so make sure you have enough to take the costs down.

-Do you guys only run leagues? Do you ever run tournaments?

We pride ourselves in putting on the most awesome events around. Comeback Sports hosts The Northwest Coed Classic-Coed Soccer Tournament each summer. Comeback Sports is proud to present the Annual Kickball Showdown, Summer’s Catch Softball Tournament, Year End Comeback Bowl Flag Football Championship and as always a Championship Tournament to culminate each and every one of our leagues!

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