Fall- Coed Sunday 11v11 Schedules


Fall- Coed 11v11 Sunday- Standings

Full Field & Modified Leagues.

Full Field 11 v 11 and Modified 8 v 8 Formats Offered. Spend an hour at the field having a great time or play in one of our full field formats.

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Premium Fields.

Playing on a bad field is no fun. Comeback uses premium field turf fields for all games. Get ready to enjoy playing on the best fields in the area. Your body will thank you, and you can thank us later!

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Experienced Officials.

Comeback Sports Referees hold multiple certifications and must pass both written & On-Field Training prior to reffing your game. The Comeback Training program evaluates performance before, during, and after your season.

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Comeback Sports has run over 3000 organized Soccer Games and Championship Tourneys over the last 5 years in The South Sound. The Comeback experience is built upon what is truly great about our sport.

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